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Water for the future

With an ever-increasing population, and the consequent demand for food, energy, and services, we are facing the highest demand for water in the history of the world. Water requirements are increasing at more than twice the rate of demographic growth. Nearly one fifth of the population is suffering from severe water scarcity, and 500 million more are approaching this situation. On top of the growing demand, our existing water bodies are being polluted by sewage, industrial and agricultural waste that is not properly treated. Recent studies show that for every $1 invested in sanitation, $5.50 are saved by virtue of lower healthcare expenses, higher productivity and fewer of the close to the million premature deaths per year worldwide caused by poor or no wastewater treatment. We are responsible for preserving water for future generations, and we can accomplish that by combination of efficient use, responsible treatment/reclamation, and strategic reuse. It is up to each one of us to do our part.

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Amphibio Combined Baffled Bio Reactor (CBBR)d
  • The AmphiBio Combined BioReactor (CBBR) is a full composite, compact biological unit that incorporates at least 7 stages of any combination of anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic processes according to the treatment needs. The synergy achieved in this unit capitalizes on the advantages that each has to offer and is able to process a wide range of influents to a high-level standard with a minimal footprint and energy consumption.

  • CBBR
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System Advantages
  • Great Water Quality

  • Best of all Worlds

    Anaerobic processes excel at removing organic load and nutrients from water and sludge for mid to high strength influents, offer outstanding shock resistance, and they do this without the need of supplemental energy and with the possibility of producing biogas in mid to large plants.

    Anoxic processes allow for the removal of nutrients to meet strict ammonia, TKN, and phosphorous permits when required while also using some BOD to do it.

    Aerobic processes although they require supplemental energy to give oxygen to the bacteria are great for "polishing" water by removing the last part of BOD and inducing nitrification.

    The CBBR combines all the beneficts of Anaerobic, Anoxic and Aerobic processes while compensating for the shortfalls of each of them on its own.

  • Customized to treat a wide range of influents

    Whether you have a high strenght influent from a slaughterhouse, winery or industrial process, to mid to low load residential sewage, there is a configuration available to suit the different needs of treatment for each application.

  • To achieve the desired effluent

    Our standard system offers removal rates of BOD and TSS greater than 95% , effluents are typically less than 20 mg/l and often lower than 10 mg/l in both parameters. Nutrients can be preserved for irrigation re-uses or removed to meet strict discharge permits. For even more demanding requirements, advanced filtration, oxidation, and disinfection add-ons are available.

  • And with room to adapt

    Whether your influent strength, effluent requirements or volume to be treated changes, our patented system can adapt, sometimes by adding pre, post or parallel process trains and others by simply shifting stages to/from anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic by field adjusting recirculation points of entry and/or by enabling or disabling aeration in chambers.

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Very little noise and odor

    For small systems and/or low strength influents, where no anaerobic stages are present odors are not detectable, however in the case of larger systems and/or high load configurations where anaerobic stages are required, biogas might be generated, but gas capture systems and flares can be added to dispose of them safely. In both cases the blowers, pumps, and panels are enclosed in a weather proof, sound attenuating compartments making the noise levels adequate even for residential applications.

  • Visually pleasant appearance in a small footprint

    The plant comes as a totally enclosed rectangular container with all the piping, panels and equipment integrated within. It can be supplied in a number of colors to blend in with the environment or foliage. For areas where sustained freezing temperatures are present, underground arrangements are available. We use less than a third of the area of a conventional process which translates to big savings in the initial land investment.

  • Treats not only water but also sludge

    In our standard process, months of solids retention times allow sludge to be fully digested. Very small volume of inert solids are leftover for safe removal, which should be done every 6 or more monthse.

  • The overall water sustainable solution

    With very little energy consumption and therefore a small carbon footprint, Water can be treated to a level where reuse is possible from irrigation to industrial applications. Otherwise, it can safely be returned to a water body or the aquifer via sub surface drip irrigation.

  • ePeriodicity of sludge removals are function on water characterization and PST design criteria.
  • The No Hassle Plant

  • Constructed, Assembled, Wired and Tested in Factory

    All of our plants are fully built, wired and tested in our factory and are available for shipping worldwide in standard 40’ HC, or extended drop deck trailers in the Americas. Systems larger than 30,000 GPD (100 m3/d) shipments will require multiple containers but are easily assembled and/or connected in the field.

  • Zero to little civil work required, 24-to-72-hour startups

    Once a system and its location have been selected, the footprint and position of raw/treated water and electrical connections are determined, and utilities can be prepared. For above-ground single-container systems, some field leveling and/or soil compaction might be required, but systems are typically unloaded in its final position, connected, filled with clean or treated water and running within hours after that. Semi buried, fully buried and/or multiple container systems might require more time but are typically ready to operate within two to three days.

  • High Shock Resistance

    When multiple anaerobic stages are used upfront, our plants offer high resistance to both hydraulic and organic shock loading and are quite resilient even in temporary changes in pH or chemical composition of the influent.

  • Very Symple Operationand Minimal Maintenance

    Our WWTPs are offered in semi or fully automatic versions with remote telemetry and control options, minimizing labor costs. Inspection tasks can be done weekly, and periodic maintenance tasks are scheduled every 1, 3 or 6 months.

  • IzajeCBBR
    Shown in image is the CBBR-D038 the 38,000 g/d model for above ground installations.
  • ...And The Best Investment

  • Extremely long life

    GRP is not subject to corrosion, incrustation nor does it degrade on its own over time, its composition is resistant well within the range of pH and to the chemicals normally found in wastewater. Furthermore, GRP does not induce microbial growth, nor it is affected by it. And even though GRP is susceptible to an aesthetic surface/color degradation upon prolonged exposure to UV attack by sunlight, its performance and structural integrity are unaffected. In any case, AmphiBio uses a resin-rich, UV-absorbing coating with added pigmentation to further strengthen its resistance to such an attack.f Our reactor with proper maintenance has a life expectancy of 50+ years.

  • Very low cost of operation

    Thanks to the anaerobic and anoxic processes that do most of the heavy lifting with zero to little energy consumption respectively, and to a highly optimized MBBR aerobic system, energy requirements are ~0.2 Kw*hr./m3. Sludge is produced in low quantities and once fully digested should be removed semi-annually. Minimal inspection/maintenance necessary to keep your plant in top condition, makes the CBBR perhaps the most affordable, small, high quality effluent wastewater treatment system, offering the best life cycle cost in the industry.

  • Not only evolves, but it moves with you also.

    Besides our patented flexibility, whether to change the process or grow its capacity, when you have to move, you can take the plant with you. Even “permanent” installations can be relocated with relative ease. Also, for camps, disaster recovery or other emergency operations fully containerized and/or trailer mounted CBBRs are available.

  • fIn order to keep the plant in top condition and appearance an external recoat of commercially available epoxy paint would be recommended every 3 years.
  • CBBR Container
    Shown in image is the CBBR-C027M the 27,000 g/d model inside a 40' High Cube container for military/Portable applications.
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Standard Arrangements
  • Typical Configurations for all our standard CBBRs.

  • A) The Balanced Configuration

    Anaerobic + Pre-Anoxic + Aerobic + Clarifier + Disinfection


  • B) The Nutrient Preserving Arrangement

    Anaerobic + Aerobic + Clarifier + Disinfection


  • C) The Low to mid strength influent with nutrient removal

    Pre-Anoxic + Aerobic + Clarifier + Disinfection


  • explain
Nuestras Plantas

    Our WWTPs can be easily located in smaller pieces of land due to their vertical design.


    WWTPs are equipped with Solar Panels to provide the energy our WTPs need.


    We offer 4 different configurations to our clients in order for them to choose the one that best fits their needs.

Nuevo Diseño Sustentable
Planta Básica

Complete biological process using the AmphiBio Combined Bioreactor and the AmphiBio Mega BioContactor, conventional static secondary clarifier rectangular type, approximately 4 months of sludge retention/digestion, standard UV disinfection (<240 MPN/100 mL) reinforced doors with high security locks, service chute, with sidewalks but no roof.

*NOT recommended for places with freezing conditions.
Planta Urbana

Complete biological process using the AmphiBio Combined Bioreactor and the AmphiBio Mega BioContactor, DAPS type secondary clarifier with bidirectional skimmers, approximately 6 months of sludge retention/digestion, standard UV disinfection (<240 MPN/100 mL) reinforced doors with high security locks, service chute, sidewalks, roads, roof and green areas.

Planta Sustentable

Complete biological process using the AmphiBio Combined Bioreactor and the AmphiBio Mega BioContactor, DAPS type secondary clarifier with bidirectional skimmers, approximately 6 months of sludge retention/digestion, standard UV disinfection (<240 MPN/100 mL) reinforced doors with high security locks, service chute, sidewalks, roads, green areas and roof with solar cells to generate from 22% to 48% of the energy it consumes.

Planta Reusos Multiples

Complete biological process using the AmphiBio Combined Bioreactor and the AmphiBio Mega BioContactor, DAPS type secondary clarifier with bidirectional skimmers, approximately 6 months of sludge retention/digestion, includes a granular media/anthracite tertiary filtration system, advanced UV disinfection (<2.4 MPN/100 mL) plus a treated water storage tank, reinforced doors with high security locks, service chute, sidewalks, roads and green areas and a larger roof area with solar cells to generate from 27% to 65% of the energy it consumes.

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    -Executive project
    -Procurement and installation of equipment
    -Laboratory tests
    -Start up and initiation -Steady-state operation


    -Technical advice and support throughout all the phases of the project


    -Operation and maintenance

  • Operation and maintenance
    tel. +1 (832) 538 3747

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